Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Last chance for fresh produce and clothes until next month

This Saturday September 21, 2013 is the last week for produce and clothes distribution until next month. Fresh produce is distributed on the first, second, and third Saturdays. Clothes are distributed on the second and third Saturdays of the month.

Last week's produce included organic mini peeled carrots.

A free farmers market
Although we don’t now exactly know what kind of produce we’ll have until Saturday distribution, what we offer is always fresh and nutritious. On previous weeks, we’ve offered fresh whole pineapples, peaches, green peppers, cucumbers, lettuce, and spinach. Clients are encouraged to take as much as they can carry.

Getting ready for our “farmers market” in the church parking lot at 1347 S. State St.

Free clothes and accessories
Need some new clothes? How about a belt or a scarf? You find a good selection of clothes and accessories for men, women, and children. We even have a nice selection of costume jewelry to complement your outfit!

Currently offering a selection of handbags for women

Donations accepted
We are always in need of donations of clothes and nonperishable food. If you would like to donate food or clothing, you may drop items off at the church during normal business hours Monday through Friday. We recommend that you call 312.566.9076 to make sure their will be someone here to receive your donations. We have two food drop-off locations beside the church, which may be more convenient for you: Overflow Coffee Bar at 1550 S. State St. and Urban Re-mix at 1468 S. Michigan Ave. For more information, click on the “Drop-Off Locations” tab.

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